Listvyanka village on Lake Baikal

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If you are traveling to Lake Baikal for a few days and want to have tourist infrastructure at hand, your destination is Listvyanka village. A small settlement one hour away from Irkutsk, Listvyanka is the perfect place to get acquainted with Lake Baikal and try out various tourist activities on Lake Baikal.

  • Region in Russia: Lake Baikal, Siberia
  • Topic: Nature Reserves, Multiday trips, Trans-Siberian, Camping, Hiking
  • Best Season: Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring
  • Family & Kids: Yes

Listvyanka: the Gate to Lake Baikal

Traveling to Lake Baikal, one of the most exciting destinations in Russia, is an experience of a life time. The vast and deep Lake Baikal offers its explorers pristine nature, fresh air and unbelievable beauty of sceneries. But where to go on Lake Baikal? Which destination on Lake Baikal to choose? Which is the best place on Lake Baikal? Best-of-Russia will help you choose where to go on Lake Baikal, and which destination is best for you.

Listvyanka on Lake Baikal is the best destination for those who travel to Lake Baikal for the first time, or who do not have much time and come just for a few days, or who want to have all tourist activities on Lake Baikal at hand and to have a good old comfortable stay.

One of the oldest settlements on Lake Baikal, Listvyanka is the most comfortable tourist spot on Lake Baikal. Listvyanka is located in the Irkutsk region at the source of the Angara River and stretches along the coast of Lake Baikal for 5 km. Located one hour drive from Irkutsk, Listvyanka is easily accessible and offers a variety of hotels, restaurants and tourist activities. Being the tourist center of Lake Baikal, Listvyanka is the first place of getting to know Baikal for many tourists. That is why here it is usually crowded with people coming from all over the world. For those who search for a comfortable stay with a possibility of meeting people and having well-organized tourist activities, Listvyanka on Lake Baikal is the perfect destination.

In this article you will find information on Listvyanka highlights and attractions, tourist activities in Listvyanka, as well as find answers to the questions – what do and see in Listvyanka? How to get to Listvyanka from Irkutsk?

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Listvyanka on Lake Baikal: useful information

Listvyanka village on Lake Baikal

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Listvyanka is stretched for 5 km on one long Gorkogo street that runs along the shore of Lake Baikal. All the main shops, hotels, restaurants are located on this street. Near the main bus stop there’s a big market where you can buy food and Omul fish.

For sending post or making an international phone call, there is a post office situated at Gorkogo str. 49 that has the following working hours:
Monday-Friday 08:00-20:00 (closed 13:00-14:00)
Saturday 09:00 – 18:00 (closed 13:00-14:00)
Sunday closed.

The River Terminal is located at the end of Baikalskaya str. (near Baikal Limnological Museum). During summer season it is better to buy tickets to any destination in advance because water transport is popular means of transport there.

What to do and see in Listvyanka on Lake Baikal

Walk along the shore of Lake Baikal

Stretching for 5 km along the shore of Lake Baikal, Listvyanka offers its visitors an opportunity to walk along the shore in the village and further on.

See Lake Baikal from above – Cherskogo Stone

Cherskogo Stone is a picturesque observation point located at the height of 775 m which offers stunning views on Lake Baikal, the Angara river, Port Baikal and the surrounding areas. How to get to Cherskogo Stone? Cherskogo Stone is located about 2-3 km away from the center of Listvyanka. Climb to the top starts near the Baikal Museum (Akademicheskaya str. 1). There are two ways of getting to the top: along the asphalt path of 2200 m long or with a chair lift. In summer, it is a beautiful observation point with a café on the top, and in winter it is also a small ski area with 4 slopes.

Visit Peschanaya Bay on Lake Baikal

If you are willing to visit less crowded place and enjoy pristine nature and picturesque views on Lake Baikal, take a short boat trip along the shore of Lake Baikal and visit one of the more remote places near Listvyanka. One of such places is Peschanaya Bay (translated as Sand Bay). White sandy beach 750 m long with picturesque cliffs – it is one of the places where you can swim in Lake Baikal in summer as the water gets up to +22 degrees Celsius in July. It is also a wonderful place for hiking as there are no roads: only the lake, cliffs and taiga forest. How to get to Peschanaya Bay from Listvyanka? The only way to get here is by motor boat from Listvyanka (around 4.5 hours).

Circum-Baikal Railway

Circum-Baikal Railway is considered to be one of the most beautiful and picturesque railway routes. It starts from Port Baikal and along the shore of Lake Baikal goes all the way up to Sludyanka. It’s indeed a very picturesque trip: stop along the way, walk around, camp and continue your small journey. Port Baikal, from where the journey starts, is located not far away from Listvyanka, on the other side of Angara river. You can get from Listvyanka to Lake Baikal by ferry that circulates daily (about 6 times a day) and takes 15-20 min one way.

Visit the tourist market and try local smoked Omul fish

Make sure to try local smoked Omul fish that can be found only on Lake Baikal. You can buy Omul at the market and right from fishermen on the lake. Omul can be sold salted, dried or smoked – whatever cooking technique you like most. A special soup called Ukha can be prepared with omul fish as well.

Visit Baikal Limnological Museum

Baikal Limnological Museum is quite a unique museum: it has an aquarium complex with living endemics of Lake Baikal. Video excursions to the bottom of the lake are organized there. There is an English-speaking guide available which makes the museum even better J Baikal Limnological Museum is located on Akademicheskaya str. 1

Beautiful sunset view on Lake Baikal

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Peschanaya Bay on Lake Baikal

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Circum-Baikal Railway

Circum-Baikal Railway © shutterstock/

A man fishing on the lake

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Lake Baikal- Location Map & Contact Information

Listvyanka, Russia

 Location Address:

Lake Baikal, Russia

How to get there – ARRIVAL INFORMATION

Listvyanka is located 65 km away from Irkutsk.

Getting to Listvyanka by bus: buses depart from the main bus station (Oktyabrskoy Revolutsii str. 11). The trip lasts about 1.5 hours and costs around 100 RUB. In summer, buses go around 9 times a day, in winter around 4 times a day.

Getting to Listvyanka by speed boat during summer season: boats depart 3 times a day from Irkutsk river port “Raketa” (Prospekt Marshala Zhukova 98).

Getting to Listvyanka by cab: the trip takes around an hour. You can catch a cab at the airport or at the main railway station.

Read here how to get to Irkutsk from Moscow or any other big city.

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