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You have come to the magnificent Saint Petersburg and only have one day to see the Russian Northern capital. This St Petersburg Walking City Tour will help you to see most of the city just in one day. Be ready to discover a lot of sightseeing highlights of Saint Petersburg! And don’t forget your camera, oh! and an umbrella of course 😉

  • Region in Russia: Saint Petersburg
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  • Best Season: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter
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St Petersburg Walking City Tour: One Day

Welcome to the majestic St Petersburg, the city of beautiful architecture, of chanals and bridges, of art and culture, and, of course, the city of the Russian Empire. You’re lucky! Because you’re about to embark on an interesting journey along the Northern Capital (that is how the Russians call their favourite “Peter”). Don’t worry if you have only a day to do the sightseeing in St Petersburg – with our St Petersburg walking city tour you’ll be able to see the major tourist attractions just in one day. The Palace Square, the Hermitage, Peter and Paul Fortress, St Isaac’s Cathedral, the beautiful Church of our Savior on Blood, the Neva river with its bridges and channels – these are the major St Petersburg sightseeing highlights that you will have a chance to see on our one day walking city tour.

Don’t forget your camera – there is a lot to see! And, of course, make sure to have an umbrella somewhere in your luggage… just in case 😉 .

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St Petersburg Walking City Tour: One Day

Map of St Petersburg with a sightseeing walking route

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You’re in St Petersburg for one day – welcome! And no worries, you’ll have a chance to see major sightseeing highlights and tourist attractions. Let’s set off!

Our One Day St Petersburg Walking City Tour starts at St Isaac’s Cathedral which is located 5 minutes away from metro station Admiralteyskaya (Line 5). The majestic St Isaac’s Cathedral, the largest orthodox basilica in the world, is the city’s main church constructed between 1818 and 1858 by French-born architect Auguste Montferrand. The impressive façades feature massive granite columns and beautiful sculptures, while the rich interior is decorated by detailed mosaic icons, paintings and columns made of malachite. The cathedral’s main dome is plated with pure gold and rises 101 m high. St Isaac’s Cathedral dominates the skyline of St Petersburg and is a major tourist attraction of the city.

We recommend to climb St Isaac’s colonnade – 300 steps will take you to 40 m altitude. From the colonnade you’ll see magnificent views over St Petersburg. It’s up to – you can climb the colonnade in the beginning of your walking tour or at the end (note: May 1 – September 30 from 10.30 am until 10.30 pm; May 1 – October 31 from 10.30 am until 6 p.m.).

Let’s go further and continue our One Day St Petersburg Walking City Tour  – from St Isaac’s Cathedral cross the Admiralteyskiy proezd street and enter the Alexander Garden which lies along the south and west facades of the Russian Admiralty. Walk along the Alexander Garden towards the Neva river, just in couple of minutes you will reach the famous Bronze Horseman – an equestrian monument to Peter the Great, the founder of St Petersburg.

Walk along the Russian Admiralty building – its glided spire with a golden weather-vane in the shape of a small sail ship is one of St Petersburg’s most recognizable landmarks. The Admiralty building is the focal point of old St Petersburg with three main streets leading to it – Nevsky Prospekt, Gorokhovaya Street, and Voznesensky Avenue.

The Eastern End of the Alexander Garden finishes at the famous Palace Square, the main square of St Petersburg. It is true that Palace Square, a major tourist attraction of Saint Petersburg, is one of the most harmonious ensembles of architecture in the world. It features the Winter Palace where the Hermitage is located, General Staff Building, Guards Corps Headquarters and Alexander Column. We do not recommend to visit the Hermitage if you only have one day in St Petersburg – the Hermitage is well worth a visit but you need another separate day for its rich collection.

From Palace Sqaure go towards the Neva river and cross it by Dvortsoviy Bridge. You’re now on the Spit of Vasilyevsky Island that separates the Neva river in two parts – Bolshaya Neva (big one) and Malaya Neva (small one). The beautiful architectural complex of the Spit (or Strelka) of Vasilyevsky Island includes an elegant neoclassical building of the Old Stock Exchange and the Rostral Columns. The Spit of Vasilyevsky Island is a place to enjoy a beautiful vista over the Winter Palace, the Peter and Paul Fortress and the Neva River.

Are you happy with your One Day St Petersburg Walking City Tour so far? You’ve already seen quite a lot! But let’s walk on 🙂 From the Spit of Vasilyevsky Island it takes 15 min to get to Peter and Paul Fortress located on Zayachy Island (Hare Island): for that cross Birzhevoy Bridge, keep right, follow the Mytninskaya embankment and cross the small Kronverkskiy Bridge – you’re now near Peter and Paul Fortress. This is the first structure to be built in St Petersburg, and thus it is the birthplace of the city. St Peter and Paul Cathedral is the central tourist attraction in the fortress, although there are plenty within the walls to keep tourists and citizens occupied.

Going further – the next step of our One Day St Petersburg Walking City Tour is Field of Mars. Go to the eastern side of Peter and Paul Fortress and cross the Ionnoskiy Most, turn right and follow the embankment until you reach Troitsky Bridge. After crossing the bridge, you will get to the Field of Mars – a favourite place for residents to walk. If you’re into parks, near the Field of Mars there are two lovely green places – the Summer Garden and Mikhailovsky Garden.

From the Southern side of Field of Mars you’ll see the Church of Savior on the Spilled Blood – built in the end of 19th century in the style of 16th and 17th-century Russian churches. The church is built on the place where Alexander II was fatally wounded in an assassination attempt.

Go along the Griboyedov channel until you reach Nevsky avenue – you’ll see a grand Kazan Cathedral with impressive stone colonnade built in 1811. The architect Andrei Voronikhin was inspired by the Basilica of St Peter’s in Rome.

Here, at Nevsky Prospekt you can stop your tour and choose a café to have a lunch or dinner. Nevsky Prospekt is St Petersburg’s main avenue – a beautiful street in the historical center of the city. Where to eat on Nevsky Prospekt:

  • Buche café. Right in from of Kazan Cathedral on the Griboyedov channel there is a nice Bushe Café that serves breakfasts, lunches, pastries and light meals.
  • Bonch café. If you’re standing near Kazan Cathedral, stroll along Nevsky Prospekt towards the center. Cross the Moyka river, and turn left on Bolshaya Morskaya Street, and in two minutes you’ll reach Bonch café. They serve European cuisine café style and have reasonable prices.
Beautiful Peterhof palace in Saint Petersburg

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Saint Petersburg City Tour – Location Map & Contact Information

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Saint Petersburg, Russia

How to get there – ARRIVAL INFORMATION

Our Saint Petersburg Walking Tour starts at St Isaac’s Cathedral which is located 5 minutes away from metro station Admiralteyskaya (Line 5).

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