Discover the Kremlin, the most famous Russian landmark situated right in the heart of Moscow. Walk through this famous UNESCO World Heritage Site – see all the beautiful churches inside the Kremlin walls and learn about the history of Russia in one of the Kremlin museums.

      • Region in Russia: Moscow
      • Topic: Sightseeing
      • Best Season: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter
      • Family & Kids: Yes

The Kremlin – The Core of Each Sightseeing Activity in Moscow

Where should one make his first acquaintance with Moscow if not in the Kremlin? Learn more about the history of the Kremlin and find out how it was used a fortress, palace, armory, sovereign treasury and now is a workplace of the Russian President. Walk inside the Kremlin and enjoy outstanding pieces of Russian architecture, see the treasure of the Armory including regalia, gold and silverware, royal carriages, church vestments and many other things. The Kremlin is for sure the heart of Moscow, the place where the city started its life more than a thousand years ago – make sure to see this famous World Heritage Site.


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Beautiful view on the Kremlin in Moscow

The Histrory of the Kremlin

The Kremlin is a fortress at the very heart of Moscow, the place where its history began. First reference about Moscow dates back to 1147, and in the year of 1156 the first wooden Kremlin was build. In the XIV century the oak walls were replaced by a citadel of white limestone, and in 1495 the brick walls that we still see nowadays were built by Italian architects. Today the architectural ensemble of the Kremlin is a UNESCO World Heritage Site which consists of the Assumption cathedral, Archangel’s cathedral, Annunciation cathedral, the Church of Laying Our Lady’s Holy Robe, the Patriarch’s Palace, the Faceted Chamber, Golden Tsarina’s Chamber and churches of the Terem Palace, the Ivan the Great Bell-Tower complex. A city tour in Moscow will lead you right to these highlights and top sightseeing points.

The Kremlin –  Location Map & Contact Information

Location address:

The Kremlin,

103073 Moscow, Russia

Arrival Information:

Metro stations: Okhotny ryad (Red line or Line 1), Ploschad Revolutsii (Blue Line or Line 3), Teatralnaya (Green line or Line 2)

Opening hours:

10:00 to 18:00
Ticket office 9:00 to 16:30
Day off ‒ Thursday

Tickets and admission:

Find out about tickets and admission here.

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